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Upcoming CPD (August to September 2023)

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Tailor your staff training to meet your nursery’s needs. Join early years expert Dr Sarah Rogers for informative and inspiring live online training to get your academic year off to a great start.

You can mix and match CPD sessions with a choice of essential topics at an affordable cost and therefore meet your staff’s differing training needs, enabling them to learn and update their knowledge and skills.

Make sure your academic year gets off to the best start with our virtual online training sessions with early years expert Dr Sarah Rogers that will compliment your in-house training. Hear tips and advice for best practice and get the chance to ask any questions you may have.

At the beginning of each academic year, it is important that all staff update their knowledge or fill in any gaps in their learning. It helps to ensure that everyone is working to the same vision and goals and gets the whole team off to the best possible start.

Dr Sarah will share best practice knowledge to enhance your staff’s classroom practice. These affordable sessions make it viable for you to either send your whole staff on a course so everyone can hear the same best practice messages or send different staff on different courses that suit their individual learning needs.

Don’t forget your needs too - join our two leadership sessions that will allow you to network with other leaders and also support your leadership skills.

Bitesize and affordable learning that will really make a difference to your setting’s quality and enhance your teamwork.

Continuing Professional Development Training
CPD Training Calendar

Download your copy now!

August to September 2023 CPD calendar
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