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Our Story

Who We Are

QuEST Direct Professional Services is an educational training company with training rooms and offices in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Our vision is to work in partnership with the early years community, providing high quality training and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. Our aim is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in nurseries and schools by enabling early years practitioners and managers to gain the gold standard UK qualifications accredited by CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education), thus ensuring the best outcomes for every child.

QuEST Direct Professional Services builds on the strong reputation of our first company, Early Years Educational Services, established in 2008 as the first CACHE centre in the UAE.

Quest trainers have delivered training to schools in the wider Gulf region and as far away as Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Thailand. Quest works with many educational suppliers to train staff on the use of their resources and develop best practice.

Quest builds on the strong reputation of our first company, Early Years Educational Services (EYES).  EYES was established in 2008 in Knowledge Village in Dubai, as the first CACHE centre in the region. 


Since its inception Quest has grown to work with over 600 schools and nurseries in the UAE. Quest enrolls hundred of students on CACHE courses and delivered CPD to 1000s of individual learners each year as early years professionals study with us to change their lives, We are incredibly proud of all our students and enjoy seeing their professional and personal development as they progress their knowledge and skills and the difference they are making in their schools and nurseries.

We are passionate that every child should receive the best possible teaching and learning and want to promote the understanding that for a school or nursery to achieve outstanding, every staff member needs to be valued and given the chance to grow and develop, reaching their true potential. Quest trainers are highly qualified and experienced educators with experience gained in the UK and the UAE and enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise to help schools, nurseries and Individuals on their journey to excellence.

What We Do

QuEST Direct Professional Services offers early years qualifications accredited by CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) , from Level 1 – Level 5.

We also offer continuing professional development courses (CPD) to allow individuals to further develop their knowledge and support their practical skills in the early years environment. We are aware of settings’ individual needs and offer Bespoke Training to facilitate this. QuEST Direct Professional Services can also deliver Critical Friend visits to support quality improvement in nurseries and schools.








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CPD Courses

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