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NCFE/Cache Courses to be delivered virtually over the summer

NCFE/Cache Courses to be delivered virtually over the summer – courses commencing in April will finish in 9 months, in December 2022.

Due to some restructuring at QuEST we are pleased to announce that all our NCFE/Cache courses will now be delivered virtually, as this is the way the majority of our students prefer to learn. This has been a very successful way to deliver the courses over the last two years and allows learners from further afield to join us. Weekly lessons will be delivered to the same high quality, virtually in real time and with a dedicated QuEST tutor. She will support and guide you during the interactive lessons and give timely and unique feedback when you submit your course work each week, enabling you to meet all your deadlines and complete your course on time. In fact everything will be the same quality experience and real learning from our expert and friendly tutors, expect you won’t have to travel!

That means you can access them anywhere in the world, if you have to travel. However, you will still need to be working in the UAE for us to assess you if you are doing a level 2 or level 3 course. Direct observations are a requirement of your course to ensure that you are competent in the classroom.

Our next NCFE/Cache courses start mid-April.

Sign up now to join the EYES/QuEST family by calling 04 276 6737 or by emailing Pam on

CPD Courses

We are working with an international partner to develop a range of online learning opportunities based on our most popular CPD courses that we currently deliver virtually and face to face.

We will be able to reach a wider audience with our shorter courses and make them even better value for money. Working with an international online CPD provider dedicated to delivering quality courses at affordable prices will allow us to keep our quality and support more practitioners. I will be sending you more details about this transition over the following months.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our range of CPD courses or would like to arrange bespoke training for your setting.

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