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Dr. Sarah Rogers!

Updated: May 18, 2021

Sarah, the founder, owner and CEO of Quest is delighted to finally announce that she has finished her doctorate studies with the University of Reading in the UK. Showing her commitment to being a lifelong learner, Sarah started her studies for her Doctorate in Education at the Institute of Education, University of Reading in 2016 and finally finished and passed her Viva in November 2020.

Sarah’s thesis was titled ‘Narratives of Asian women migrant teachers in Dubai: exploring the challenges of teaching in a contrasting pedagogical and cultural context’. The research focused on the personal and professional experiences of ten teachers in Dubai, from India, the Philippines, Sri Lankan or Pakistan and how they adjusted to teaching in Dubai.  Sarah greatly enjoyed her research and would like to thank the ten teachers who took the time to tell her their stories. Every one of them was amazing and it was a pleasure to spend time listening to them.

She would also like to thank her colleagues and friends in the UAE who encouraged and supported her and allowed her to discuss and develop her ideas with them. A special thank you goes to Alison Hunter for all her proof reading and Michelle Blackwood and the great team at QuEST for enabling Sarah to take time out to focus on her studies.

Sarah is currently dividing her time between the UK and the UAE. She aims to use the knowledge gained from her doctoral studying to focus on spreading good early years practice to professionals in the Middle East, Far East and Asia to support the best educational outcomes for all children. Being aware of different contexts and cultures, her vision is to enable all education early years professionals to obtain high quality training that meets their needs in an accessible and affordable way.

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