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A Message from Sarah Rogers (CEO) during COVID-19

Updated: May 19, 2021

Dear current and future QuEST students,

We’re in this together….

COVID-19 is impacting every part of our lives and I wanted to personally reach out to you with information on what we’re doing to make sure we’re prepared for whatever the coming weeks may bring. We’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe during these uncertain times, as well as ensuring we’re still here for you, when you need us.  I believe even now more than ever, connecting with each other is important and, while we can’t all get together for face to face lessons which you all so greatly enjoy, we are reaching out to everyone with ‘face to face’ online lessons – harnessing the joys of technology!

Protecting our staff team and our learners:

We’re operating as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible and our team are working hard on providing online learning and support for every learner.  While the team is now working at home, they are continuing to assess and give support to current learners as we work closely with CACHE to ensure we keep disruption to a minimum to those learners who are near to finishing.  Our current students are our priority, ensuring that they are supported with the full benefit of their personal relationship with their tutors. Next term we will be keeping courses running and spirits up by holding group online lessons with their tutors and their colleagues in their teaching group.

We are welcoming new learners and will give them the same unique care we give to our current learners, great teaching via a personal tutor, fantastic resources tailored to meet the needs of UAE learners as well as the chance to meet and make new friends through our group online lessons. Even more in this current situation we realise that if you are feeling isolated at home you need the support of online face to face contact led by an experienced and knowledgeable tutor to lead you successfully through your learning journey and make sure that you don’t feel alone. We are putting on free taster sessions next week using our online platform, so you can find out how easy the technology is to use and how much fun and motivating it can be to learn in this way.

While harnessing technology is good, great learning can’t be rushed and most of our courses have to have a face to face element of assessing practice in the classroom as well as needing learners to reflect on their practice in the classroom so the CACHE courses cannot be done completely online. We will be returning to our normal wonderful way of learning – face to face – as soon as it is safe for us all to do so.

In the meantime, please all keep safe.

Sarah Rogers

CEO, owner and founder of EYES and QuEST

PS don’t forget to look out for our great online CPD courses coming soon!

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