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Public notice: Beware of fraud!


Please note that there are emails pretending to be Dr. Sarah Rogers and sending emails and asking for contact numbers and information. These emails were created in a Gmail account.

These scammers also set up a WhatsApp business account in the names of Dr. Sarah Rogers and QuEST & EYES.

Before you give your contact number or any personal details, please make sure that you check the email address and WhatsApp number that they are using.

We would like to bring to the public's attention that Dr. Sarah Rogers or any of the staff of QuEST Direct Professional Services and EYES Early Years Educational Services will never use email addresses outside of our company or organization, and our official WhatsApp number is +971 58 541 2606.

As a result, the public is urged to be aware of this notice and to exercise caution when dealing with unscrupulous individuals attempting to steal information.

For any clarification and enquiry that you might require, please contact QuEST & EYES directly by sending an email to or or calling us at +971 58 541 2606

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