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QuEST/EYES Virtual Classes – What Learners Need to Know

Updated: May 19, 2021

In line with the Ministry of Education and KHDA directive that all training centres continue with distance learning until the end of this academic years (25th June 2020), QuEST/EYES will be using the Zoom App to host virtual classes.

With the current global situation and everyone being obliged to stay at home, using the Zoom App to host your weekly CACHE classes will allow you to continue with your course from the comfort of your own home, in the same format that our face to face classes are carried out, ensuring that you continue to receive the highest quality learning experience from our tutors.

So what do you need to know?

What can I expect from a QuEST/EYES virtual class?

Our virtual classes will run in the same way that our face to face classes do. When you join the virtual class, you will be able to see the unit presentation on your screen, as well as your class tutor on camera as they discuss the content of the presentation. You will also be able to see your follow learners and ask questions throughout the class, via the chat function.

When do QuEST/EYES virtual classes start?

Classes will begin week commencing Sunday 12th April 2020. Your first class will be held at your usual CACHE class timing, however your tutor may suggest an alternative time to ensure that all learners can participate. Your course tutor will contact you to inform you of your class time.

How do I join the virtual class?

Each week, 30 minutes before your scheduled class time, your tutor will send you a meeting invitation via email, to the email address provided on your course application form. In order to join the class, you will need to click on the meeting link sent in the email and this will take you directly into the virtual class. Please ensure that you join the meeting 15 minutes before your scheduled class start time as this will allow tutors to ensure that everyone has joined the session, as well as provide you with an opportunity to check in with your peers before the teaching begins.

What do learners need to do before joining the class?

You will need to sign up for a zoom account ( The account is free and easy to set up. If you do have any problems setting up your account, please contact your class tutor.

Can I join the virtual class from my mobile?

In theory, yes you can, however, to have the best learning experience, we would strongly suggest that you use your laptop to join our virtual classes as this will allow you to view the presentation slides more clearly as well as ask questions using the chat function.

Do I have to turn my camera on during the virtual class?

You will have the option to have your video on or off, however part of what we are aiming to do is bring you together at a time when some learners may be feeling isolated due to the current lockdown procedures. By having your camera on you will also be able to participate more in the virtual class, so switching it on will enhance your learning experience.

Can I record or screenshot the virtual classes?

No, learners are not permitted to record, photograph or screenshot the virtual classes. As in our face to face sessions, learners will be expected to respect, listen and interact appropriately with their peers and many of our learners are not comfortable with having their photographs taken or being recorded. Throughout our classes we also encourage learners to share their own experiences and we must agree to treat any shared information as confidential, therefore allowing learners to record, photograph or screenshot the virtual classes would be in breach of this. Any learners found to be recording, photographing or screenshotting virtual classes will no longer be allowed to participate and will be placed on a Break in Study until face to face classes resume.

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