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Distance learning classes commencing in April.

Updated: May 19, 2021

While we are still hoping to resume face to face classes in our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices from Sunday 12th April 2020, we are currently working hard to ensure that classes can continue from this date via distance learning should we not be allowed to open as planned. If, for any reason, we are not permitted to open, learners will still be able to continue with the CACHE qualifications through webinar sessions with their course tutors at their scheduled class times.  Learners will be given access to class presentations and resources before their scheduled class time and will then be invited to join a webinar with their course tutor to allow then to deliver the class and provide learners with opportunities to follow the presentations as they would in class.  While we will aim to move back to face to face teaching as quickly as possible, using this method of distance learning will allow us to avoid any additional delays in your course completion.

We understand that this is an unsettling and uncertain time for you and are grateful for your continued support.  If you do have any questions regarding this, please contact

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