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Spring Term

Updated: May 18, 2021


We are now well into this term and are pleased to say that all our new learners who started in January are settling into their studies well. We continue to offer all level of CACHE courses, both online and face to face, and we are hopeful that the individual support that we give every learner will enable them to have a happy and successful learning experience.

While we are still not able to go into nurseries and schools to assess our learners’ skills to show competence in the classroom, we are very hopeful that as the effective vaccination programme in the UAE continues things will return to a more normal way of working and we will be able to assess the skills we need to. Like all CACHE centres, both in the UAE and worldwide, we follow CACHE procedures to ensure the quality and integrity of the qualification, however, I am very sure that the learners who have just joined us will have a very good chance of completing their studies in the usual timeframe. We continue to support all our learners to do so.

We hope you have a good term and enjoy your learning and put it into practice, making a difference to all the children in your care.

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